PSL Pumpstationen Niveau-Controller
  • Controls, Transmits and Displays
  • Kontaktloser Ultraschall-Sensor
  • 6 Relays for Pump Control and Level Alarms
  • Programmable Pump Alternation
  • Built-in 3-Key Calibrator
  • RS232 output and Windows Software for calibration and real-time monitoring
  • Logs and Reports Relay Run Times
  • Isolierter 4-20mA Output (1000 Ohm)

Ideal for pump stations, wet wells and tank level control with a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor mounted above the liquid. The new Greyline PSL Level Controller has 6 independently programmable control relays for pump or valve control, level alarms, dialers, temperature alarm and echo-loss alarm.

Mount the sensor in the tank or wet well and install the watertight electronics in the control room or any location within 500 ft / 150 m. Use the simple, built-in calibrator to set up measurement range and relay set points. Or use the free "PSL Remote" Windows software to calibrate from your PC by RS232 connection, or through modems over a regular phone line.

PSL Relay/Pump run time data is stored automatically by the instrument. Retrieve reports directly through the PSL display, or through its RS232 output. The PSL Remote Windows software program displays a pump run time graph and will output data to a spreadsheet file or directly to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with DDE.

For hazardous locations, the ultrasonic sensor is rated Intrinsically Safe with an optional safety barrier. The standard PVC Sensor (optional Teflon) is rated for measurement ranges up to 32 ft / 10 m, or use the optional PVC Sensor rated for 50 ft / 15.6 m measurement range.

Standard features include:

  • sensor - PZ34, PVC, 32 ft / 10 m range
  • sensor cable - 25ft / 7.6m coaxial
  • temperature compensation - automatic
  • enclosure - watertight, dust tight NEMA4X (IP66) polycarbonate
  • programming - built-in 3 button keypad, Password protected and "PSL Remote" Windows software
  • calibration - Level or Range mode in selectable units
  • displays - Level: large 4-digit LCD; Menu/Reports/Status: 16-digit alphanumeric
  • 6 relays - 5 ampere SPDT, programmable alarm and/or pump control modes, pump alternation/sequencing, failsafe/echo-loss, sensor temperature alarm
  • outputs - isolated 4-20mA (1000 ohm), RS232
  • report logger - pump Run Time report
  • power input - 100-130VAC 50/60Hz, 8 watts maximum
  • electrical surge protection - sensor, AC power, 4-20mA and RS232 outputs
  • 1 PC software - "PSL Remote" for Windows™ - calibrate and save as disk file, real-time PSL monitoring by RS232 or modem connection
  • 1 Manual - Installation and Operation


SCOPE: This specification covers a non-contacting ultrasonic Pump Station Level Controller as manufactured by Greyline Instruments, Massena New York / Long Sault, Ontario. This instrument shall provide for indicating, transmitting of wet well or tank level, and control of up to six pumps or alarms.


  1. Pump Station Level Controller to consist of an non-contacting ultrasonic sensor, connecting cable, and a remote enclosure with indicating, transmitting and controlling electronics.
  2. Measurement accuracy shall be ±0.25% of Range or 2 mm (0.08"), whichever is greater, and shall be automatically temperature compensated.
  3. Sensor cable length shall be as required by installation, not to exceed 500' (152 m).
  4. System shall have no moving parts and shall not contact the material being measured.
  5. Shall include a built-in keypad and simple menu system for calibration, and Windows™ software for calibration and monitoring by modems or direct RS232 connection.


  1. Sensor shall be constructed of PVC.
  2. The sensor shall have a minimum deadband or blanking of 16" (407 mm) and a maximum range of 32 ft. (10 m), and have an operating frequency of 46 kHz with an ultrasonic beam angle of 8 Degrees.
  3. Sensor shall withstand accidental submersion to 20 psi.
  4. Sensor operating temperature shall be from -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65°C).
  5. Sensor shall include integral temperature sensor. Temperature sensors requiring separate mounting and wire runs shall not be accepted.


  1. Provide RG62AU coaxial cable 25' (7.6m) continuous length, with waterproof, potted bond to the Sensor head.
  2. Extended sensor cable shall be RG62AU coaxial to a maximum of 500' (152m). Cable shall be spliced with screw terminal connections in manufacturer's recommended steel NEMA4 Junction Box.
  3. Level and temperature signals shall be conducted on one single coaxial cable. Separate or multiple-conductor cables shall not be accepted.
  4. Sensor cable shall be installed in grounded metal conduit.


  1. The transmitter shall provide for field-calibration with Windows™ software, and via built-in 3-key calibration system with menu selection of parameters. Systems requiring calibration by Parameter codes, BCD switches or external calibrators shall not be accepted.
  2. Calibration data shall be permanently stored through power interruptions without requirement of a back-up battery.
  3. Field calibration shall allow selection and automatic conversion of measurement units, measurement span and control relays.
  4. The transmitter shall provide for password-protected calibration in Range or Level modes and user-selected engineering units.
  5. Transmitter shall permit field programmable damping to smooth output in turbulent level conditions, and programmable rejection time to disregard false signals from turbulence, waves and spurious echoes.
  6. Transmitter operating temperature shall be from -5° to 140°F (-20° to 60°C).
  7. Transmitter shall have an isolated 4-20mA output into a 1000 ohm maximum load. Calibration shall allow field programmable offsets and fine adjustment of 4mA and 20mA.
  8. Transmitter shall have bi-directional RS232 serial output for calibration by PC computer, real-time monitoring of level and relay states, and for transfer of Relay/Pump run time reports by direct cable connection, or by modem over regular telephone lines. RS232 baud rates shall be selectable from 2400 to 19200.
  9. Provide 6 Form 'C' dry contact control relays rated 5 ampere SPDT. Relays shall be individually programmable for High or Low level alarms, dual set point pump control, pump alternation, sensor temperature alarm and echo loss alarm. Relays shall permit user-adjustable On time delay settings to prevent pump or motor power surges. Relays may be individually configured to hold state, energize or de-energize in the event of an echo-loss condition.
  10. Provide a large, 4-digit LCD display scaled in user-selected engineering units.
  11. Provide a 16-digit alphanumeric display for calibration menu and Relay run time reports plus indication of relay state, units of measurement, calibrated full scale, echo-loss condition and error messages.
  12. Transmitter shall be housed in a wall-mount, watertight NEMA4X (IP 66) polycarbonate enclosure with hinged, clear cover. Mounting hardware shall be included.
  13. Transmitter Displays indicating level, units of calibration and relay states, shall be visible without opening cover.
  14. Transmitter electronics shall be surge protected on AC power input, sensor, 4-20mA and RS232 outputs.
  15. Transmitter power input shall be 115VAC 50/60Hz with power consumption of 8 watts or less.


  1. System shall include password-protected PC software for Windows™ 3.1+, 95 or NT and shall permit calibration and monitoring of Pump Station Level Controllers.
  2. Software shall provide for real-time display of level and relay states, relay Run Time reports and air temperature in the wet well or tank.
  3. Software shall permit user selection of display and calibration units in user-selected engineering units.
  4. PC software shall provide for direct RS232 cable connection or by dial-up connection to Pump Station Level Controllers by modems over regular telephone lines.


  1. Sensor, connecting cable and junction boxes shall be rated intrinsically safe to Class I,II,III, Div. I,II, Groups C,D,E,F,G.
  2. Have a thermostat controlled enclosure heater for Transmitter operation at temperatures below freezing.
  3. Have a PVC and teflon sensor model PZ52T rated for measurement range up to 50 ft. (15.25 m).
  4. Have an all-teflon sensor model PZ32TE rated intrinsically safe when connected through an approved safety barrier, and rated for operation from -40°F to 170°F (-40°C to 76°C).
  5. Have manufacturer's recommended enclosure sunscreen to permit Transmitter mounting in direct sunlight.
  6. Have manufacturer's recommended Sensor sunscreen to permit temperature-compensated Sensor mounting in direct sunlight.
  7. Have manufacturer's recommended Flange and Bracket assembly for enclosure mounting in panel face.
  8. Transmitter power input shall be 200-260VAC 50/60Hz with maximum power consumption of 8 watts or less.
  9. Transmitter power input shall be 24VDC with maximum power consumption of 7 watts or less.
  10. Transmitter power input shall be 12VDC (battery power) with maximum power consumption of 7 watts or less.


Pump Station Level Controller shall be model PSL as manufactured by Greyline Instruments Inc. and shall be warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year.

FREE Windows Software with each Greyline PSL Pump Station Level Controller

Calibrate PSL Level Controllers from your PC or laptop with this powerful software package. You can prepare calibrations in advance, complete with measurement span, relay set-points and pump alternation. Connect to the PSL's RS232 port directly, or dial-up through phone lines and modems to transfer the calibration parameters to the instrument instantly. Access to PSL calibration is password-protected.

Use the PSL remote software for a real-time display of level and Relay status. Dial-up a pump station from your home or office.

Manage Pump Maintenance with automatically prepared Run Time reports

Relay run times are automatically logged by each PSL Level Controller. You can display run time information directly on the instrument's digital display, or view a graph and run time table in the PSL Remote Windows program.

Run time data can be stored to disk for import to spreadsheet or database programs, or transferred to Microsoft Excel through DDE.